When I was 17 I took three mates to a commercial recording studio for the first time.  At the end of a day of double tracking and drop-ins via an 8 channel console to 1 inch tape and a project-saving splice, I proudly left with my master reel at a total cost of 65 quid.  Musically, the song (curiously, for a first effort, entitled “Retrospection”) was bland and unremarkable but to me I had just recorded Dark Side of the Moon.

A few “training wheels” projects followed before Depend on You in 1995, the earliest title which I have decided is worthy of inclusion on this site.  This marked my last visit with a full band to Porcupine Studios where I had cut my teeth 12 years earlier.  That pivotal year also saw Retro 93, my first project in a VST environment under the guidance and tutelage of one of my first music friends, Stephe Meloy.

Since then there have been triumphs and turkeys.  I’m sure I’m not the first to say that my best songs just tumbled out.  I distinctly remember getting up in the night to write Depend on You in about an hour.  Similarly Rings Around the Moon was put together in my head whilst biking to work.


I take responsibility for all the writing and performance except where I have credited collaboration without which the achievements curated on this site, such as they are, would not have been possible. I am indebted to the wonderful musical friends and family who feature.   

I am also very fortunate to be living in an age where technology makes nearly anything possible.  Chez Papa was mixed and mastered in the UK and features my Paris-based father and opportunistic sampling of my infant children at rare moments of simultaneous compliance.  Imagine doing that with a reel to reel and a splicing blade.

Thank you for your interest.  Feel free to leave comments on the contact page.



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